I'm an English teacher, from the planet Earth, and I ran off with a man from space because I really fancy-- soufflés.

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what the hell are you doing?”


"There, that should keep you quiet."

  “You really, have no idea who you’re messing with right now.”


"That’s up for debate. Not that I get a vote…

                  Oi— would you rather I showed up in a nightie then??”


“I’d rather you showed up in anything that didn’t smell like death.”



          “Sorry? Oh! I’m a nurse at the hospital down the street. Yeah, not just a bloke who sits on street corners complimenting women on their dresses. Although that might sound more interesting than the whole nurse thing.”

   “A nurse? Not bad. I’m a teacher, so not just the bag lady you so kindly named me as. My students would probably love that one though err—  Rory, wasn’t it? I’m Clara.”




bonus points for the reason

T A R D I S  »  Time And Relative Dimension ISpace.

AU: The Doctor and Donna go undercover as teachers. Donna is charmed by Danny Pink. And the Doctor did not expect to run into the Impossible Girl again. Neither did he expect her to stumble into TARDIS…

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  • "Where do you think you’re going?"
  • You’re not going anywhere.”
  • "You belong to me now."
  • "There, nice and tight."
  • "Shh, there’s no need to scream."
  • "There, that should keep you quiet."
  • "Why are you doing this?"
  • "Let me go!"
  • "Release me!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Untie me!"
  • "Mmmph!"
  • "How are we suppse to get out of this?"
  • "Someone will come for me!"

I Am The Doctor


     A clash of expectations left John unable to decide whether he should be surprised by that. He hadn’t expected her to climb up an impossible ladder into the clouds yet at the same time had he really expected her to live in an ordinary town house?

     Perhaps somewhere between the two.

     Once she was out of sight, John stepped out from behind the tree, following her footsteps over to where they abruptly stopped. He looked up. The clouds were hanging low in the sky tonight but not that low; he should be able to see the ladder she used. There was nothing obvious though and for a moment his scientific mind baulked the notion. You can’t hide a ladder in the sky. But clearly you could because he’d seen her climb up it.

      Only one thing to do then.

      He was obviously being a bit cynical because when he jumped up the first time, reaching out half heartedly to grab for the unseen, he was surprised to actually hit something and failed to grip it properly. Instead his hand whacked against the bottom rung and he let out a mild curse as he fell and landed on his backside.

      Fuel by insatiable curiosity (whatever was at the top of an invisible ladder leading into the clouds had to be worth seeing) he picked himself up and brushed the snow off his trousers, not caring if anyone saw him. The excitement of discovery was far more important than the opinion of strangers. His next leap was more precise, both hands grabbing the bottom rung firmly, his body weight drawing the ladder down.

      Onwards and upwards then. Some people might have considered climbing into the impossible unknown to be a very stupid idea, but John? The thought didn’t even cross his mind.

   For all her years in the still, the TARDIS had grown darker. Externally, the box looked somewhat weather worn and inside the lights were on a permanent dim. The Doctor had always taken great pride in her box, had always kept the old girl in good nick. But with battered hearts, and lack of pride in much aside from her choice to become a recluse, even her beloved ship had been neglected. What was once a warm and inviting interior had now become a cold and clinically neat place.

The Time Lady shrugged off her shawl and propped her umbrella on the coat rack. She unclipped the side of her long skirt to remove it, a personal customisation, the thing was far too heavy and  thick, she only wore for the sake of not making a scene on the streets below. Beneath it were a pair of, far more practical, fitted black jeans.

Her book was still left on the side and so she opted to sit back in her soft red armchair and continue from where she’d left off, a hand reaching for the sound system remote to play some opera (she’d always had a thing for opera, namely Carmen).

The Doctor also took great comfort in books, both reading and keeping them in check, she had several shelves in the upper layer of the console room, in the off-chance that she didn’t want to travel to her library. As she sat back in her chair, the TARDIS hummed beneath her feet.

It was the first sound she’d heard from her ship (that didn’t sound like a grumble) in some time.

"What are you doing?” She asked, wincing as the console lights seemed to raise a few notches, the music lowering ever so slightly in volume. The Doctor hadn’t noticed that the door had also been gently propped open by a ship that was far too eager to invite curious minds inside.

No damsels in d i s t r e s s!

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