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The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagment Sentence Meme

"You have to write."
"I'm very proud of you."
"My mother surprised me by marrying my high school teacher."
"We're just friends now."
"It's the princess from America!"
"There was no course in Queen or How to Run a Country 101."
"Will I ever be ready?"
"I'm going to live in a beautiful palace like in a fairy tale and eventually sit on the throne and rule."
"Welcome home, Princess."
"The one downer in my fairy tale is I've never been in love."
"Maybe I'll meet my Prince Charming tonight."
"The eagle is flying."
"A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early."
"I hope they have string cheese."
"And you obviously don't speak English."
"Have you met the princess yet?"
"Is this an American custom?"
"I'll survive, Your Highness."
"Are you sure you don't want to exchange licenses and proof of insurance?"
"The swelling should help them fit better."
"Looks like they're trying to land a plane!"
"Woodland animals are a lovely thing to be compared to."
"I'm sorry I stepped on your foot."
"You can step on my foot anytime."
"If this were my party, we'd be kissing by now."
"No harm, no foul, no bruise."
"Please don't curtsy like that."
"How do you turn off the curtsies?"
"Can I explore a little bit?"
"Shut up!"
"We've never enforced that law!"
"She deserves the same right as any man!"
"How do they expect me to find love in thirty days?!"
"An arranged marriage is my only choice."
"I dream of love, not fondness."
"You don't have to be queen/king."
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."
"I want to make a difference as a ruler."
"I'm doing a background check on____."
"I would gladly take a bullet for you."
"I offered to have them hung by their toes in our courtyard."
"Have you met him?"
"We will present ourselves with grace and poise."
"They always do that."
"I will personally get some ice for your foot."
"We danced and I flirted."
"I feel so stupid right now."
"This is your very own suite."
"This is so cool!"
"I have my own mall!"
"I just love to look at him/her."
"Right on!"
"Does this popcorn taste like pears?"
"You ever take those shades off?"
"Shall we have some tea?"
"Let them bond."
"Every marriage in my family for the past one hundred years has been arranged."
"Your task is to romance her/him."
"I was just admiring my ring."
"You know, he/she is so romantic!"
"I'm not here."
"It was more than a minute."
"Well aren't you just...crafty."
"Lie dance?"
"The point is that I'm onto you!"
"He/she was in a closet with him/her?"
"The wedding invitations have been sent out."
"I would kneel if it weren't for my knee replacement."
"We are learning the art of the fan."
"Are you sassing your grandma?!"
"A princess never chases a chicken."
"I can't ride sidesaddle."
"It's a wooden leg."
"That is impressively sneaky!"
"I don't like you."
"You shouldn't hide, it only makes them gossip more."
"What do you want?"
"I don't need this right now!"
"You never think about anyone but yourself."
"Can you let me be miserable and not make me feel worse about myself?"
"____ doesn't have boyfriends/girlfriends, they have dates."
"It's a shame you're not attracted to them."
"I didn't hear you mention love."
"You're so jealous."
"You can't just go around kissing people, particularly not engaged people!"
"You want to kiss again?"
"What's so confusing about a kiss?"
"Maybe I just like kissing you."
"Why don't you go under water and I'll count to a million?"
"Why do you talk like that?"
"Most of them are orphans, we take care of as many as possible."
"Would you like to be a prince/princess today?"
"They're letting the children join them, how charming."
"It's time for mattress surfing!"
"Darling, when they tell your story, they'll call your heart of gold your crowing glory."
"You've fallen in love with her/him."
"But you care for them."
"Are you sure I didn't burn you?"
"We can have tasty finger sandwiches together!"
"Could I see you one more time before I go?"
"I'll find a way."
"Have you been thinking about us?"
"You were the someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with."
"They're throwing pebbles!"
"And I won't respond to that line, it's far too cheesy."
"This really is more romantic in the books."
"Tell me a secret."
"No one knows what's in your heart."
"I love I Love Lucy reruns."
"That's a fact, not a secret."
"The secret is...I still want to."
"We stayed out all night."
"Have a nice life!"
"I promise you nothing happened."
"I'm getting married today."
"Now, this is what I call a closet."
"Being married is about being yourself, with someone else."
"I look like a moose."
"He/she kind of does look like a poodle."
"Come and sweep him/her off their feet."
"I should have known!"
"Doesn't matter, I'll run."
"How am I supposed to herd sheep with a bike?"
"I'm a girl who loves black and is wearing pink."
"The maids know everything."
"Is this part of the plan?"
"I'm going to need a minute or two."
"Out of my way!"
"I can't do this!"
"Don't make the same mistakes I did."
"You can go in that church and get married or you can walk away."
"I won't be getting married today."
"Would you force them to do what you're trying to make me do?"
"I refuse to be king/queen."
"Just think how lovely he/she will look on our postage stamp."
"Stare them down."
"I like change."
"Just because I didn't get my fairy tale ending, doesn't mean you shouldn't."
"Put me down!"
"I'm in love with the king/queen-to-be and I'm inquiring if he/she loves me too."
"Do you have a chicken for my table?"
"I think I can hear you without a phone."
"I solemnly promise so to do."


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                 I’ve noticed that.


    “And yet you’re still doing… nothing.”

I Am The Doctor


    John would hardly claim to be good with people. He didn’t exactly interact with many on a personal level, certainly not since leaving home so acrimoniously. That didn’t mean he wasn’t intuitive when it came to others (even if he didn’t realise it) because, unlike too many, he listened. As the Doctor spoke of her home he caught a sadness in her tone that was a bit too familiar; she missed her home and hadn’t left under entirely happy circumstances. It made him smile at her in understanding comfort.

       The shout from outside broke the moment swiftly and he looked surprised as the Doctor’s accent dropped, backing up into his seat as she poked her finger at him.

       'You and I?'There was no ‘you and I’, was there? She was very pretty and clever and utterly fascinating but….oh blimey had he given the impression that he….?

       He was sure she said something else - ‘stay there’  maybe - but he ignored that, clambering out of the carriage after her, meaning to apologise if he’d she’d found his apparent intentions that she found unfavourable. Not that he had any intentions. He generally didn’t have intentions because he had no idea what to do with them.

       He immediately lost the track of all those thoughts when he saw Strax’s legs sticking out from under the carriage.

       He laughed - what else could he do? - and when on reflection he realised that might be seen as unkind, he crouched down to help pull him out by his ankles.

      “Blimey mate, what are you made of? You weigh a ton!”

 The Doctor was just about ready to lose her wits. But then his laugh was warm and earthy and unintended. The sound akin to the slowing of raindrops, the clouds of steam that rose back to the heavens as the sun warmed the planet. It took her aback, there in the snow, she stepped aside (though he didn’t notice in his attempts to free her friend) and watched, eyes nearly frightened. It was a strange thing to be in the face of laughter, the Doctor couldn’t say she understood it much.

She had always been strong-willed, every face stubborn as a mule when convinced it was correct. The difference with this face, aside from the obvious, was her capacity for empathy. Again, the Doctor was always empathetic, she always wanted to help. But this time she felt wholly in tune with the people around her, from lost children to angry monsters. Her abilities were just short of an empath’s. Whether she liked it or not.

The casual cheerful nature that John Smith seemed to carry had rubbed off, somehow, just a little, against her own better judgement. The feeling so long-missed it seemed almost completely new.

New things were dangerous, they made her curious, he was already curious enough for two.

      Following-people-who-told-you-not-to curious (did anybody ever listen?)

"I am composed of battle-grade natural armor, far stronger than the skin of puny humans… Unhand me strange girl!"

She assisted in tugging Strax out, heavy bugger that he was, two sets of hands were better than one for the task. Once the grumbling Sontaron was free, she dusted her hands off on her skirts and nodded. Perhaps a little more amicable now, but her stubbornness always prevailed. 

"Now then, I believe I gave you some instruction, John, about going back h—” the Doctor began, but never got around to finishing off that word (or sentence for that matter), her face falling as her eyes caught sight of the growing lump in the snow behind him. Sculpting itself into the precise shape of the snowman from earlier. So it had to be a low level telepathic field, as she’d suspected,… but why?

 ”Are you still thinking about that snowman?" She asked, calm as you like, but growing less calm as a second and third formed, beside the first snowman. They opened their mouths to growl a frost-dusted wind through the street. More and more springing up from nowhere. This wasn’t going to be pretty.

 ”Stop picturing it, the more you picture it the more spring up and we’ve got plenty on our hands now— John!"

And once he stopped making more appear, the next question seemed obvious, how do you stop an evil snowman that is feeding off of your thoughts?

I loved him, now he’s gone. —- six word stories (via incurringdebt)

Ghosts of the Past || w. claraosity


          Despite how elated he’d felt when Clara took his hand, and despite how right it felt for them to be like this, the Doctor could feel her tension. The way she’d started, pressed closer to him, and perhaps he’d even heard a slight waver in her voice. The attention to small details, especially regarding Clara, was something the Doctor loved about this regeneration. 

          More scared than she lets on.

          The Doctor brought Clara here for an adventure, and it seemed as if they had actually stumbled upon something real. Tangible. “Aye, I think that’d be a marvelous idea, darling. I do believe the room with the most supernatural activity is right up on our left here.” Eager to get out of the hallway, the Doctor quickly jumped on Clara’s idea. He hadn’t even noticed the tiny endearment that he’d slipped out so casually.

          Dim yet steady lights greeted them as the Doctor pushed open the guest room door. It was slightly heavier than a modern door, and a loud creak almost masked the sound of more thunder. A regal, yet old-fashioned made up room seemed inviting. Almost cozy. The Doctor briskly walked into the room and spun on his heel to glance at Clara. 

          Unbeknownst to the Doctor, his hair had come to stand on end, almost as if an electrical charge were pulsing through the room. His eyes were on Clara’s face though; no sign of worry from the Doctor, because he was attempting to remain lighthearted despite the eery atmosphere. Curiously, the Doctor finally asked: “What would you do as my wing woman? Would you talk me up? Perhaps throw in a quip or two about how fluffy my hair is.”


 Clara didn’t know what to make of the endearment, half of her couldn’t tell if it was sarcasm and the other half presumed it was just a Scottish thing. Because now her best friend, the alien, was Scottish. A Scottish alien, naturally. Before he’d been from—- well the same place, Gallifrey, but each time he completely changed he could apparently hop nationality too. She wondered if he’d ever be something else, like Italian or Jamaican, the other faces had all been British.

 ”Oh great, yeah, most supernatural activity. Should be… fun.”

If she wasn’t slightly spooked right now, she’d probably have laughed about that. He was seemingly just too attached to this corner of the Earth, had decided that was his home here perhaps (if he could ever have such a thing). She decided that she might ask the Doctor later on.

She allowed him to lead her forth into the room and glanced around to take it in for herself. It was nice, like one of those bedrooms in any grand old house tour she’d been on. Traditional decor, perfectly made bed and very regal looking. Old English decadence spilling itself from the walls. You could imagine the lady of the house might sleep here, with the elegant dresser and four-poster bed seeming to exude a woman’s touch.

Stars, the lady of the house. There was only one very famous lady of this house —and hadn’t he said this room had the most supernatural activity? She tugged her cardigan around her sides close again. Clara Oswald was not afraid of ghosts, because ghosts were not real. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t find whatever it was emulating the traditional ghosty-vibe creepy.

"I’m not sure if that’s your greatest selling point—" she began, glancing up at the particularly puffy mist of silver hair on his head now. Standing up on end, as if the thick atmosphere had transmitted through it. The Doctor’s gaze seemed piercing, though his tone was still light, and yet apparently he hadn’t noticed the reaction his body was facing to their surroundings. Her own skin prickled, the hairs at the back of her neck raising. Clara could now understand why it was that people were so convinced ghosts existed.

Something was doing a bloody good job of making them seem so. But that was all it was, something else. She’d learned it before.

Then there was the scream, before she could continue speaking, like nothing she had heard. Not in all the adventures the pair of them had shared —and there had been a fair few screams during those. The woman’s voice was shrill and terrified, it made her own blood feel cold. It made everything in the universe seem utterly hopeless, until it was over and the silence was only sad. The silence was empty.

Clara froze, eyes wide, and she was frightened. Really, properly, frightened. Not for her own sake, this place wasn’t about going ghost hunting to her. It was about a lady.

 ”She needs us,” she said, voice soft, eyes wide, shivers edging up her spine as her hands held her sides ever closer in the aftermath of that sound, “whoever she is, whatever she is, she needs help. Nobody screams like that unless they really really need help… Doctor.


"Take these sunglasses and fake mustache. Pop your collar and follow me. Ask questions later."



Spontaneous (and probably bad ideas) Sentence Starters!

    “I’ll pass on the mustache, not really my thing.
You are joking, right? This isn’t a seventies detective show.”

     “Why not? Not one will ever know it’s you in a moustache. It’s the perfect disguise.

       And no I’m not joking. It’s been scientifically proven that this is the best way of blending in somewhere.”


  “If you hadn’t noticed already, I am actually a female

                aka somebody who cannot grow a moustache, ever.

         Are we going to get to the bit where you tell me what’s going on?”


"Really? You seriously think I'm a cop? Cop in a skin-tight red and blue suit?"



[ The Amazing Spider-Man Starters ]

  “No, but I do think you’re properly mental.”


          “Oh, really? You’re the one who didn’t recognize Spider Man! And where is your costume?”

 ”Ah, costume, well… Y’see I’ve been really busy. Teaching.”

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