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Send me a ♀♂ for a starter with my genderbent muse.

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  Okay so tomorrow I’m moving out and into my first year halls of residence at my university. Obviously, it’s going to be difficult for me to be active for the first couple of weeks whilst I settle in and go through all the fresher’s week parties etc. I’ll be around a little tonight and undoubtedly I’ll be around to check in once a day or so. Especially if things feel a bit weird and new, it’s nice to be able to log on to tumblr and still see the same stuff.

This is just a warning that replies will not be regular and that I have no clue how being at uni will effect my posting until I’m settled anyway. I’ll just have to find a good balance once the proper workload kicks in. Anyway, I’m super excited because it’s going to be an adventure!!

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Domestic(ish) Sentences


  • "Mmm don’t answer it."
  • "Have you seen my shirt?"
  • "What’s the magic word…?"
  • "Have I told you how much I love you?"
  • "I can’t sleep."
  • "You still awake?"
  • "What are you thinking about?"
  • "Let’s stay in tonight."
  • "Should we skip the movie tonight?"
  • "I’ve been thinking about you all day…"
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The Doctor & Clara ~ Time Heist x

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send me a symbol ; meta edition

❦ —- for a controversial thought/idea/theory

  Well, I’m not sure what counts as controversial, but my personal headcanon is that Clara is bisexual, at the very least. I suppose that shouldn’t really be controversial, but I know it has been debated.

For me, her general attitude and ability to understand/empathise with people makes me think that she doesn’t really care about things like gender as such. There were nods in AOTD with the ‘Nina’ reference, plus more recently she was at least a little bit flirty with Journey Blue. That aside, we know that Clara is a pretty confident flirt and that she’s clearly pretty secure in her sexuality. She even argued herself that if anyone could flirt with a mountain range, she could, so stretching to more than one gender doesn’t seem illogical.

She isn’t even particularly concerned by looks, never having posters of ‘pretty boys’ up on her bedroom walls as a teenager. Nor did she have any interest in boy bands. There was the reference to ‘a lot of muscular young men doing sport’ too which kindof leans towards gay porn… so yup,  I think it’s fair to say that she’s not close minded either way. I think Clara is far more concerned by the way the person as a whole attracts her, as more of a package deal.

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      Okay, let’s see—
        Have I told you
        about Jim the Fish?
        — OR, or, or !!
                      I have the best story;
                      This one time I almost
                      shoved Clara Oswald
                      into the fifteenth century.
                      Boy, that was an exciting
                      story ———————————— ” he muses as his
                                                               slender legs move
                                                               him forward, closer
                                                               to his companion.

  She leans in, willing to
   listen to Jim the fish
            (though he has told it before).

                             Smirking just in humour
                             at how young such an
                             old man can become.

                “Almost, obviously, because
                this Clara was far too clever
                and she outwitted your attempt.”

  She twiddles her fingers
  in playful thought. Yes.
                              “——Now that I could believe.”

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Vive la Révolution!

   Sometimes (more often than they’d like) the Doctor and Clara didn’t quite end up at their targeted destination. A trip to space Vegas became a rescue mission on a Russian submarine during the cold war; a weekend on Plestanthros became a weekend in a Strestahon prison. In fact, Clara had learned to expect it— and if anything ever went roughly to the original plan, she was truly impressed.

On that Wednesday, she had strolled into the TARDIS with a small suitcase in tow. Future (second) Hawaii, the Doctor had said, a whole week to congratulate her successful teaching inspection. A pair of sunglasses balanced carefully atop her head, a sunhat in one hand, she smiled as she shuffled inside. Just this once, just today, she was really allowing herself to have some faith that it would all go fairly smoothly.

Apparently, she still had a lot to learn.

The first sign that something was wrong was that he didn’t even turn when the door opened. Nor did he notice her cheerful ‘hi’. Back turned to one of the monitors, his arm raised as his fingers brushed across his lips in deep thought. She left her things to one side and walked to meet him, brown eyes making a quick assessment of the Doctor before they span to the screen.

  “SOS shipwrecked,” she read aloud, frowning, there were coordinates alongside it and another series of numbers she didn’t quite understand, “when did you get this?”

Suddenly, future (second) seemed just as unlikely as any of their other destinations.

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"Slips in URL (if you're still doing them?) <3"


send me a url and I’ll answer the following.

opinion on.

character in general: Clara! She’s a’growin on me. Love her bossy side, she reminds me of myself in moments like that. Lots of moments where she simply shines. Such core qualities as well, that define her.

how they play them: Stupidly well, like all your other blogs.

the mun: So sweet and adorable and I love them to pieces, even though we do not chat much

do i.

rp with them: YES!
want to rp with them: Always.

what is my.

overall opinion: I want to borrow your brain. No, just kidding. Id like to keep it.

**note: mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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